14th Annual Interactive Meet of DIGJYOTI held on 9th February 2020

Following the completion of registration of DIGJYOTIANs, both present and past, representatives of different Orphanages, social activists coming from different areas were taken on a conducted study tour to the Science Park and Pathani Samanta Planetarium in Bhubaneswar till 1.30 pm. The visit was very educative and enjoyable for them.
After the tour, there was lunch in which the Digjyoti scholars shared their food along with the Trustees, Trust members and the guests and activists. The interaction of the DIGJYOTIANs with the Trustees and Trust Members, social activists and educationists went on till 3 P.M and the children took the opportunity of engaging themselves in intensely listening to the valuable advice of the Trustees and educationists pertaining to a plethora of issues relating to their higher studies and job prospects.
The valedictory session was held at 3 P.M in the Conference Hall of the Directorate of Extension Education which was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor, OUAT, Prof. Pawan Kumar Agrawal. At the outset, Prof.Khageswar Pradhan, Founder Chairman of DIGJYOTI Charitable Educational Trust for Orphan & Poor extended his hearty welcome to the Chair, the participating Trustees & Trust members, representatives of Orphanages, educationists, social activists and DIGJYOTIANs coming from different parts of the State in large numbers despite prevailing inclement weather for last few days. He also spoke briefly about the vision, mission and goal of the Trust and the efforts put in for its realization. This was followed by the presentation of the Annual Activity Report of the Trust by its Secretary, Mr.B.C.Das.
The introspection session of DIGJYOTIANs that followed, was heart touching. Some of the DIGJYOTIANs broke down while recounting the days of stark hardships in their life and how DIGJYOTI proved a life-changer for them. Dr. Lal Mohan Alda, Er. Chaitanya Pradhan and Mr.Abdul among many were too eager for the formation of an Alumni Association through which they would carry forward DIGJYOTI’s mission. Ms. Hiramati, the first batch DIGJYOTIAN who is very much attached to the Trust from the beginning, expressed her sincere gratitude to the Trust for helping her to stand good stead in life and earnestly requested the Trust to accept her humble contribution which she would make every year to help the cause of the Trust for education of meritorious orphan, poor and distressed children in society. To start with she donated rupees five thousand to the Trust. It was indeed very heartening that the DIGJYOTIANs have developed a sense of comradely to carry forward the mission of their alma mater as its brand ambassadors.
Prof.Saroj Kumar Mohanty, a Trust member assured the house that he would help the Digjyoti for the formation of the Alumni Association. Mr. Niranjan Panda, Chartered Accountant advised the Digjyotians first to “know your organization”. The Trust is assisting you to achieve your own goal or rather the goal already set for you from above. Mrs. Vidya Pradhan, Founder Trustee was very much pleased while observing the euphoria among the Digjyotians to reach greater heights in their lives and the promise of supporting the cause of the Trust in good measure. She implored them to keep this up.
Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan, Founder Trustee recounted in reminiscence, her initiatives during formative days of the Trust relating to its nomenclature and determining its eligibility criteria for educational assistance to the distressed children from time to time.
In his Presidential address, Prof. Pawan Kumar Agrawal advised the DIGJYOTIANs not to bear in mind as to which community or disadvantaged group they belong but feel themselves equal as anybody else and with this mindset they will be able to make rapid strides in life. Our Vedas and scriptures prescribe for donating 1/5th of one’s income and you young DIGJYOTIANs as proud members of DIGJYOTI, should try to maintain this great tradition by helping the underprivileged in the society that will bring real happiness to you, to your alma mater and the society at large.
Before the meeting closed to an end, The Chairman Prof.Pradhan sought to bring to the notice of all concerned that (1) the area of operation of DIGJYOTI is not confined to Odisha alone, it is open for the entire nation and as a matter of fact, children from West Bengal and Karnataka have also been benefitted with DIGJYOTI’s assistance; (2) as to donations, all donations to the Trust are eligible and qualify for 50% income tax exemption; and (3) one may also choose to make a donation as Corpus Fund so that the accrued interest from the Fund may be given as scholarship named after the donor or his nominee. Then the meeting came to an end with a big applaud.

DIGJYOTIANs on an educational tour to Regional Science Centre and Pathani Samanta Planetarium
The afternoon session of the Interaction was graced by the Vice-Chancellor, OUAT, Prof. Pawan Kumar Agrawal (Center) Sitting in the dias (L to R) Mr. Vidya Pradhan, Prof. Pawan Kumar Agrawal, Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan, Prof. K. Pradhan (Founder Chairman) and B.C. Das
Groups of DIGJYOTIANs with Trustees & Social Activists
First DIGJYOTIAN Hiramati speaking to Media Founder Trustee Mrs. Vidya Pradhan Speaking to Media

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