DIGJYOTI Charitable Educational Trust invites applications from meritorious poor orphan and disadvantaged children passing Matriculation or +2 examinations this year for award of the following scholarships during the academic year 2021-22.

(1) DIGJYOTI SCHOLARSHIPS: Rs.10,000/- per annum for most deserving children in the above category, scoring not less than 85% marks for higher education in any course after Matriculation. Deserving poor disabled orphan, children orphaned by death of both parents and orphan children from Orphanages will also be considered for this scholarship.

Download Form: DIGJYOTI SCHOLARSHIP Form 2021-22

(2) NEMI CHAND JAIN SCHOLARSHIPS: Rs 15,000/- per annum to an outstandingly meritorious candidate preferably in the above category securing highest grades (90% or more) both in Matriculation and +2 and admitted in the 1st year of 3 year Degree Course in Commerce or Science.

Download Form: NEMICHAND JAIN SCHOLARSHIP Form 2021-22

(3) DR. S.S. PRABHU SCHOLARSHIPS: Rs. 15,000/- per annum to an outstandingly meritorious candidate admitted in 1st year Post-Graduate Programme in Animal Genetics/Breeding/Production & Diary/ LPT/ Life Science/Zoology or Biotechnology.

Download Form: DR. S.S. PRABHU SCHOLARSHIP Form 2021-22

Deserving candidates fulfilling the criteria for any one of the above scholarships, may apply in the relevant application format in DIGJYOTI’s website- attaching scanned copies of required certificates and college admission receipt and send it by SPEED POST, at the earliest.

N.B: Students already in receipt of scholarships from the Trust during last year and pursuing their further studies, should apply for continuance by attaching scanned copy of receipt for their new admission in session 2021-22


14th Annual Interactive Meet of DIGJYOTI held on 9th February 2020

Following the completion of registration of DIGJYOTIANs, both present and past, representatives of different Orphanages, social activists coming from different areas were taken on a conducted study tour to the Science Park and Pathani Samanta Planetarium in Bhubaneswar till 1.30 pm. The visit was very educative and enjoyable for them.
After the tour, there was lunch in which the Digjyoti scholars shared their food along with the Trustees, Trust members and the guests and activists. The interaction of the DIGJYOTIANs with the Trustees and Trust Members, social activists and educationists went on till 3 P.M and the children took the opportunity of engaging themselves in intensely listening to the valuable advice of the Trustees and educationists pertaining to a plethora of issues relating to their higher studies and job prospects.
The valedictory session was held at 3 P.M in the Conference Hall of the Directorate of Extension Education which was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor, OUAT, Prof. Pawan Kumar Agrawal. At the outset, Prof.Khageswar Pradhan, Founder Chairman of DIGJYOTI Charitable Educational Trust for Orphan & Poor extended his hearty welcome to the Chair, the participating Trustees & Trust members, representatives of Orphanages, educationists, social activists and DIGJYOTIANs coming from different parts of the State in large numbers despite prevailing inclement weather for last few days. He also spoke briefly about the vision, mission and goal of the Trust and the efforts put in for its realization. This was followed by the presentation of the Annual Activity Report of the Trust by its Secretary, Mr.B.C.Das.
The introspection session of DIGJYOTIANs that followed, was heart touching. Some of the DIGJYOTIANs broke down while recounting the days of stark hardships in their life and how DIGJYOTI proved a life-changer for them. Dr. Lal Mohan Alda, Er. Chaitanya Pradhan and Mr.Abdul among many were too eager for the formation of an Alumni Association through which they would carry forward DIGJYOTI’s mission. Ms. Hiramati, the first batch DIGJYOTIAN who is very much attached to the Trust from the beginning, expressed her sincere gratitude to the Trust for helping her to stand good stead in life and earnestly requested the Trust to accept her humble contribution which she would make every year to help the cause of the Trust for education of meritorious orphan, poor and distressed children in society. To start with she donated rupees five thousand to the Trust. It was indeed very heartening that the DIGJYOTIANs have developed a sense of comradely to carry forward the mission of their alma mater as its brand ambassadors.
Prof.Saroj Kumar Mohanty, a Trust member assured the house that he would help the Digjyoti for the formation of the Alumni Association. Mr. Niranjan Panda, Chartered Accountant advised the Digjyotians first to “know your organization”. The Trust is assisting you to achieve your own goal or rather the goal already set for you from above. Mrs. Vidya Pradhan, Founder Trustee was very much pleased while observing the euphoria among the Digjyotians to reach greater heights in their lives and the promise of supporting the cause of the Trust in good measure. She implored them to keep this up.
Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan, Founder Trustee recounted in reminiscence, her initiatives during formative days of the Trust relating to its nomenclature and determining its eligibility criteria for educational assistance to the distressed children from time to time.
In his Presidential address, Prof. Pawan Kumar Agrawal advised the DIGJYOTIANs not to bear in mind as to which community or disadvantaged group they belong but feel themselves equal as anybody else and with this mindset they will be able to make rapid strides in life. Our Vedas and scriptures prescribe for donating 1/5th of one’s income and you young DIGJYOTIANs as proud members of DIGJYOTI, should try to maintain this great tradition by helping the underprivileged in the society that will bring real happiness to you, to your alma mater and the society at large.
Before the meeting closed to an end, The Chairman Prof.Pradhan sought to bring to the notice of all concerned that (1) the area of operation of DIGJYOTI is not confined to Odisha alone, it is open for the entire nation and as a matter of fact, children from West Bengal and Karnataka have also been benefitted with DIGJYOTI’s assistance; (2) as to donations, all donations to the Trust are eligible and qualify for 50% income tax exemption; and (3) one may also choose to make a donation as Corpus Fund so that the accrued interest from the Fund may be given as scholarship named after the donor or his nominee. Then the meeting came to an end with a big applaud.

DIGJYOTIANs on an educational tour to Regional Science Centre and Pathani Samanta Planetarium
The afternoon session of the Interaction was graced by the Vice-Chancellor, OUAT, Prof. Pawan Kumar Agrawal (Center) Sitting in the dias (L to R) Mr. Vidya Pradhan, Prof. Pawan Kumar Agrawal, Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan, Prof. K. Pradhan (Founder Chairman) and B.C. Das
Groups of DIGJYOTIANs with Trustees & Social Activists
First DIGJYOTIAN Hiramati speaking to Media Founder Trustee Mrs. Vidya Pradhan Speaking to Media


DIGJYOTIANs at the 13th Interactive Meet on 27th January 2019 spent the entire forenoon educating themselves with Odisha’s rich heritage of art and craft at Kala Bhumi. The afternoon session went off with intense interaction among themselves, with Trustees, participating educationists & social activists. Responding to a query by the Chairman if the Trust’s Annual Interactive initiative is of any real use, all of them including Mrs. Deepanjali Mishra, educationist pleaded for its continuance for its tremendous benefit to them.

The valedictory session started with the Trust’s Chairman, Prof.K.Pradhan welcoming the participants. Recounting the progress of the Trust right from its formative days, he ventilated his concern how to carry on its mission by an Alumni Association which though mooted earlier, has not materialized so far.

Prof.P.K.Roul who described the endeavor worthwhile, identified one senior DIGJYOTIAN, Mr.Chaitanya Pradhan to create a facebook/WhatsApp group right away as the first step to creating this Association. Founder Trustee, Mrs.Sucheta Pradhan spoke to the children at length giving valuable tips to succeed in life and advised them to keep away from the menace of smartphones especially selfies which is a narcissistic trait. The Meet ended following Vote of Thanks by Sri B. C.Das


12th Annual Interactive Meeting – 2017

The 12th Interactive Meet of DIGJYOTI scholars took place on 17th December 2017 starting with the interaction of the awardees individually with the Founder Trustee & Chairman, Prof. Khageswar Pradhan and sharing with him their stories of trodden path to progress in their studies and seeking solutions to issues they face.

With the assembling of the Members of the Trust which included the Founder Trustees Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan and Mr. Basab Pradhan and eminent educationists & social activists like Dr. B.C. Patnaik, Dr. S.K. Ray, Dr. M. Roy, Dr. B.C. Nayak, Dr. R.C. Patra, Dr. L.M Gadanayak, Advocate Aditya Kumar Nayak, Mrs. Nivedita Lenka and Mrs. Dipanjali Mishra, the scholars were introduced to them by the Trust’s Secretary. Prof.S.Pashupalak, Vice chancellor ,OUAT who was to preside over the meeting informed the Chairman of the Trust that due certain important engagement he would join half an hour late and the meeting may start as scheduled.

The meeting started with presentation of a brief report by Mr.B.C.Das Secretary of the Trust on the activities of the Trust during last year.

Prof. Pradhan in his introductory remarks highlighted the vision & mission of the Trust and implored the DIGJYOTIANs to share the experience consequent to their becoming a part of DIGJYOTI family. The children narrated their experience as to how the financial support provided by DIGJYOTI helped them crossing the hurdles in life that they were earlier facing for their education. Some of them were very candid to express that they would never have dreamt of prosecuting college education without DIGJYOTI’s assistance. While expressing their gratitude to the Trust, some awardees like Silpa, a student of M.Com and Rupen, a student of 3rd year B.Tech told how they are facing financial hardships for their sustenance and higher education for which they are taking up part-time jobs of private tuition and project works of juniors, etc since the Trust’s scholarship is not sufficient enough to meet both the ends.

Among the DIGJYOTIANs who have successfully settled themselves in life after completing their higher studies with assistance from the Trust, Dr. Lal Mohan Alada, Er. Chaitan Pradhan and Mrs. Hiramati Mallik expressed their heart-felt gratitude to the Trust which has helped them to achieve their goals in life and amidst thunderous applause from the fellow DIGJYOTIANs they declared their solemn promise to extend their full support to the cause of DIGJYOTI as its ambassadors by providing as much assistance as their avocations could afford, to needy poor and distressed children for their higher education. The emotional revelations of the DIGJYOTIANs moved all participants during the Interaction.

Founder Trustee, Mr. Basab Pradhan was greatly impressed with the deep involvement of the children with the Trust, notwithstanding its limited financial support in many cases. You, he said, are the captain of your ships while we help you in a small way for reaching your destination. Also he was pleased to observe that the children have truthfully accepted in life the road shown by the founder of the Trust that was trodden by him in his testing life situation to rise to the positions he held in the society. Among others who spoke on the occasion, were Dr. B.C. Patnaik and Dr. L.M. Gadanayak, who eulogized the efforts of the Trust in transforming the scenario across the State where the most disadvantaged in the society i.e. the poor & orphans have found a beacon light to fulfill their aspirations to establish themselves in the society through higher education.

Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan, founder Trustee who has endeared the children of the DIGJYOTI family so dearly, spoke to them with motherly comforts, encouraging them to face the world with courage and conviction as proud DIGJYOTIANs. She wished them a happy & prosperous New Year.

Prof. Surendra Nath Pasupalak, Vice-Chancellor, OUAT in his Presidential remarks observed that the cheerful and agile faces of the DIGJYOTIANs testifies the success of the Trust in helping the deprived and disadvantaged children in our society to fulfill the aspirations in life. While the Governmental schemes have not fully succeeded in reaching the targeted section, DIGJYOTI with its limited resources has achieved its goal to enthuse the disadvantaged children for higher studies.

Before the interaction was concluded Prof. Pradhan extended thanks and gratitude to all the participants for their continued co-operation to the Trust for achieving its goals over the years. He also thanked press and media and also those extended their help and support for the meeting. He wished all success to the children.

2017 Scholars


DIGJYOTI Scholarships

Awardee Scholarship awarded   Awardee Scholarship awarded
Silpa Moharana Continue receiving assistance for last six years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.11,000 helps her studying 1st year M.Tech.   Prasant Sahoo Continue receiving assistance for last five years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.12,000/- helps him studying final year B.Tech.
  Pinky Malick Continue receiving assistance for last three years and this year’s scholarship of Rs,.10,000 helps her  studying 1st year +3 Commerce   Rupen K. Sen Continue receiving assistance for last five years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.12,000/- helps him studying final year B.Tech.
  Abhisek Mohanty Continue receiving assistance for  last four years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.11,000/- helps him studying final year Science Degree.   Ananya Sarangi Continue receiving assistance for last four years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.12,000/- helps her studying 2nd year B.Tech.
  Alekh Ch. Sur Continue receiving assistance for last five years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.12,000/- helps him studying final year M.Sc at IIT Madras.   Durga Prasad Swain Continue receiving assistance for last five years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.12,000/- helps him studying 3rd year MBBS
  Neelam P. Panda Continue receiving assistance for last four years and this year’s scholarship of  Rs.11,000/- helps her studying 2nd year +3 Science.   Subhalagna Mohanty Continue receiving assistance for last three years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.11,000/- helps her studying 1st year +3 Science
  Sumit R. Sahoo Continue receiving assistance for last four years and this year’s scholarship  of Rs.12,000/- helps him studying M.Sc.   Nihar Ranjan Nayak Continue receiving assistance for last two years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.11,000/- helps him studying final year +2 Science.
  Debabrata Dash Continue receiving assistance for  last four years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.12,000/- helps him studying 1st year M.Sc.   Subham Kumar Dhal Continue receiving assistance for last two years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.11,000/- helps him studying 2nd year +3 Science.
  Supriya Mishra Continue receiving assistance for last two years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.10,000/- helps her studying 2nd year +3 Arts   Manali Sahoo Awarded scholarship of Rs.11,000/- to help her study in 1st year +2 Science
  Ashutosh Sahoo Continue receiving assistance for last two years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.11,000/- helps him studying 2nd year +2 Science   Subash Sahoo Awarded scholarship of Rs.10,000/- to help his study in 1st year I.T.I (Civil Draftsman) course.
  Bhadratanu Sha Continue receiving assistance for last two years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.11,000/- helps him studying 2nd year +2 Science   Manas R. Patra Awarded scholarship of Rs.11,000/- to help his study in 1st year +2 Commerce.
  Khageshwar Panda Awarded scholarship of Rs.11,000/- to help his study in 1st year +2 Science   Puneet T. Hegde Awarded scholarship of Rs.11,000/- to help his study in 1st year +2 Science at Shri Marikamba Govt. PU College, Karnataka


Awardee Scholarship awarded   Awardee Scholarship awarded
Bijaya Ku. Sahoo Continue receiving assistance for last two years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.24,000/- helps him studying 2nd year +3 Science   Aditya Ranjan Panda Awarded scholarship of Rs.24,000/- to help his study in 1st year +3 Science.

11th Annual Interactive Meeting – 2017

Young Digjyotians across the state, eager to participate at their 11th Interactive Meet arrived early in the morning of 29th January 2017 and soon joined the group led by mentors and guide visiting the Sate Museum for having an insight to the ancient history and archeological treasures of Odisha.

On return, they spent the mid-day session of about one hour interaction exclusively with the Founder Trustee, Sucheta Pradhan with whom they are deeply connected emotionally ever since their enrolment, by unfolding the rigors of their testing life situations and seeking solutions to umpteen issues.


Then, the Interactive meeting with all students, Trustee members and all other invited guests started. The Chairman of the Trust, Prof. Khageswar Pradhan discussed with the children individually and assured that the Trust will continue to extend all possible assistance to sustain their efforts as it did by providing educational assistance to 179 of them out of whom as many as 24 children have already settled well in life with lucrative jobs.


This was followed by the Trust members, mentors, social activists & other guest educationists speaking to the children in great details to make use of their precious time & energy to succeed in life to become proud members of the society. Dr. S.N. Pasupalak, Vice-Chancellor, OUAT who presided over the valedictory session, eulogized the contributions of the Trust in enabling the disadvantaged children to become self-sufficient and positively contribute to the society.


The children responded with great enthusiasm promising their best efforts for espousing the cause of DIGJYOTI.

Annual Interactive Meeting, 2013-14

The 7th Annual Interaction of DIGJYOTI family took place in Bhubaneswar on 9th February, 2014 with the participation of Trust awardees, representatives of orphanages, Trust members and social activists across the state. The children particularly were agog with enthusiasm to grab the opportunity of this much awaited interaction to meet everybody and share their experiences. They quickly finished their morning chores and jumped on to the waiting cavalcade for visiting places of educational and cultural interests in and around the city.

After a melodious devotional Invocation presented by a visually handicapped scholar, the meeting was opened by the Trust’s Founder & Chairman, Prof. Khageswar Pradhan. In his opening speech he gave a detailed account of the Trust’s activities. The Trust has so far awarded 47 scholarships including 19 this year. 16 past awardees are now well settled in their lives and careers. The Trust has entered into MOUs with two donors during the financial year to award scholarships to meritorious candidates pursuing Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees.

The founder Trustee, Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan impressed upon the children to be diligent in their studies; to achieve their goals in life while as a proud member of DIGJYOTI family, keep its flag flying high. She also appealed to them to extend a helping hand to other needy students who are around them. One boy gave example of his helping a poor boy to get admission by donating two thousand rupees from his meager allowance.

Mrs. Nibedita Lenka a social activist whose passion is to help poor and needy students had come forward with some brilliant students and DIGJYOTI is helping them with scholarships. She attended the meeting with Rajashri Parida, the girl who received the Nemichand Jain scholarship. After the meeting, Rajashri received the second installment of her scholarship money.

The interactive meeting continued with brief comments from University officers, members of the Trust, representatives of orphanages and social activists and participating students who talked about their rewarding experiences from their association with the Trust. Moved by the heart-touching proceedings, a social activist Mr. Aditya Kumar Nayak chose the occasion to make a donation for the noble cause in helping orphan and poor students.

The President of the meeting Prof. Manoranjan Kar, Vice-Chancellor of Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar was all praise for DIGJYOTI for its invaluable contribution to society and assured the university’s continued support in fulfillment of the wider mandate of OUAT to serve the under-privileged people in the state of Orissa.