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The orphaned and destitute comprise one of the most vulnerable sections of society. Even if they are cared for as children, they will generally miss the opportunity of receiving an education due to various reasons including lack of resources and appropriate and timely guidance. Hence, a large number of them are drop-outs of school or fail to benefit from college and university education.
The Digjyoti Educational Trust is being instituted with the objectives set forth in the Trust section. It has been registered as a charitable and non-profit making institution under the provision of the Indian Trust Act.
We award scholarships in three categories – Digjyoti Scholarships, Nemichand Jain Scholarships and Dr. S.S. Prabhu Scholarships.

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12th Annual Interactive Meeting – 2017

The 12th Interactive Meet of DIGJYOTI scholars took place on 17th December 2017 starting with the interaction of the awardees individually with the Founder Trustee & Chairman, Prof. Khageswar Pradhan and sharing with him their stories of trodden path to progress in their studies and seeking solutions to issues they face. With the assembling of … Continue reading 12th Annual Interactive Meeting – 2017

2017 Scholars

FOLLOWING POOR ORPHAN & HIGHLY MERITORIOUS CANDIDATES ARE AWARDED SCHOLARSHIPS DURING ACADEMIC SESSION 2017-18 DIGJYOTI Scholarships Awardee Scholarship awarded   Awardee Scholarship awarded Silpa Moharana Continue receiving assistance for last six years and this year’s scholarship of Rs.11,000 helps her studying 1st year M.Tech.   Prasant Sahoo Continue receiving assistance for last five years and … Continue reading 2017 Scholars

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