11th Annual Interactive Meeting – 2017

Young Digjyotians across the state, eager to participate at their 11th Interactive Meet arrived early in the morning of 29th January 2017 and soon joined the group led by mentors and guide visiting the Sate Museum for having an insight to the ancient history and archeological treasures of Odisha.

On return, they spent the mid-day session of about one hour interaction exclusively with the Founder Trustee, Sucheta Pradhan with whom they are deeply connected emotionally ever since their enrolment, by unfolding the rigors of their testing life situations and seeking solutions to umpteen issues.


Then, the Interactive meeting with all students, Trustee members and all other invited guests started. The Chairman of the Trust, Prof. Khageswar Pradhan discussed with the children individually and assured that the Trust will continue to extend all possible assistance to sustain their efforts as it did by providing educational assistance to 179 of them out of whom as many as 24 children have already settled well in life with lucrative jobs.


This was followed by the Trust members, mentors, social activists & other guest educationists speaking to the children in great details to make use of their precious time & energy to succeed in life to become proud members of the society. Dr. S.N. Pasupalak, Vice-Chancellor, OUAT who presided over the valedictory session, eulogized the contributions of the Trust in enabling the disadvantaged children to become self-sufficient and positively contribute to the society.


The children responded with great enthusiasm promising their best efforts for espousing the cause of DIGJYOTI.

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