Fourth Interactive Meeting

The fourth Interactive Meeting of Digjyoti Trust was held on December 27, 2009 in Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology Guest House, Krishi Bihar, Bhubaneswar. Thirty people including 14 students of the Digjyoti family attended the event.

The meeting began with the Chairman of Digjyoti,  Prof. K. Pradhan , requesting Prof. D. P. Roy, Vice Chancellor of the University to preside over the meeting, who set the tone for a very fruitful interaction among students, Digjyoti functionaries and other volunteers. Explaining the primary objectives of the meet and ways to realize the objectives, Prof Pradhan said that there is a need to bridge the communication gap between the beneficiary students and the Trust. The students should feel confident as a part of the Digjyoti family and share their concern and problems. He also asked the students to access the Trusts’ Website and make attempts to tell others to do so.

Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan, a Trustee expressed her happiness and joy to see and meet in one place so many students of the Digjyoti family. She explained how the founder Chairman cherished this dream all through his life to help economically underprivileged but bright students to achieve academic excellence. She expressed the hope that the children should strive not only to prove themselves above expectations of the Trust, but should also develop a sense of accountability in as much as the Trust is accountable to various public authorities for the money it spends. The Dean of Extension Education of the University  advised  the students to approach the nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendras and their officers for any assistance including health care , career counselling etc which they will be happy to extend. The members functionaries of the Trust – Dr.M. R. Ray, Dr. S. K. Rout, Mr, B. C. Das, Mr. B. Bastia , Mr. S. K. Samal and others spoke in great detail about their experience being associated with the activities of the Trust and the students supported by it. They advised the children to utilize the opportunities to achieve the goal in life.

The participating boys and girls actively participated in the discussion and spoke about how they all have been benefited by the Trust. They all feel part of the Digjyoti family and want to meet more often so that they could get opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences since they come from different cultural backgrounds. It was nice to see the change in their attitude and their willingness to share their opinion this time compared to the earlier meetings. Digjyoti is proud of them.

The Chairman further informed the attendees that the Trust provides annual educational grants for post high school courses and also organizes sponsorships for technical and professional courses for those who show excellence in their studies and get admission in these courses. This year two such students, Lalmohan Alada for a medical college and Maya Dhal for hotel management courses have been sponsored by an international organization. They will receive grants to meet entire expenditure for the duration of the courses. The Chairman expressed his hope that all the boys and girls of the Digjyoti family could achieve excellence and attract similar sponsorship grants. The Chairman desired to initiate action in establishing an alumni association of Digjyoti.

The Vice Chancellor Prof D.P.Roy who presided over the meeting, expressed his happiness on the progress made by the Trust during last 4 years. He felt proud being associated with this Trust since its inception. He assured that all help and support in promoting the cause of orphan and poor boys and girls for their education and settlement in life will be provided by university officials located in all districts of the State. This is a noble service for humanity. He thanked the Digjyoti and its founder Chairman for associating him in various activities of the Trust.

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