Annual Interactive Meeting, 2013-14

The 7th Annual Interaction of DIGJYOTI family took place in Bhubaneswar on 9th February, 2014 with the participation of Trust awardees, representatives of orphanages, Trust members and social activists across the state. The children particularly were agog with enthusiasm to grab the opportunity of this much awaited interaction to meet everybody and share their experiences. They quickly finished their morning chores and jumped on to the waiting cavalcade for visiting places of educational and cultural interests in and around the city.

After a melodious devotional Invocation presented by a visually handicapped scholar, the meeting was opened by the Trust’s Founder & Chairman, Prof. Khageswar Pradhan. In his opening speech he gave a detailed account of the Trust’s activities. The Trust has so far awarded 47 scholarships including 19 this year. 16 past awardees are now well settled in their lives and careers. The Trust has entered into MOUs with two donors during the financial year to award scholarships to meritorious candidates pursuing Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees.

The founder Trustee, Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan impressed upon the children to be diligent in their studies; to achieve their goals in life while as a proud member of DIGJYOTI family, keep its flag flying high. She also appealed to them to extend a helping hand to other needy students who are around them. One boy gave example of his helping a poor boy to get admission by donating two thousand rupees from his meager allowance.

Mrs. Nibedita Lenka a social activist whose passion is to help poor and needy students had come forward with some brilliant students and DIGJYOTI is helping them with scholarships. She attended the meeting with Rajashri Parida, the girl who received the Nemichand Jain scholarship. After the meeting, Rajashri received the second installment of her scholarship money.

The interactive meeting continued with brief comments from University officers, members of the Trust, representatives of orphanages and social activists and participating students who talked about their rewarding experiences from their association with the Trust. Moved by the heart-touching proceedings, a social activist Mr. Aditya Kumar Nayak chose the occasion to make a donation for the noble cause in helping orphan and poor students.

The President of the meeting Prof. Manoranjan Kar, Vice-Chancellor of Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar was all praise for DIGJYOTI for its invaluable contribution to society and assured the university’s continued support in fulfillment of the wider mandate of OUAT to serve the under-privileged people in the state of Orissa.

Digjyoti Scholars-2013

Sri Prasanta Sahoo .
S/o- Sri Harihar Sahoo
At- Habalganda, P.O: Dashipur
Via- Rajkanika, Dist- Kendrapara-754219

A highly meritorious poor boy securing more than 94% marks, recipient of NRTC and NMMS scholarships in his High School career, is awarded DIGJYOTI scholarship for studying in 1st year +2 Science course. Very innovatiye, Prasanta aspires to be an I.A.S Officer.

Sri Abhisek Mohanty
S/o- Late Badri Narayan Mohanty
At- Sundarda, P.O- Pahanga, Via- Niali
Dist- Cuttack, Pin- 754 004

A highly meritorious poor orphan boy securing 93.5% marks in Matriculation has been awarded DIGJYOTI scholarship to study in 1st year +2 Science course in a premier college of the state.

Sri Alekh Chandra Sur
S/o- Rebatee Sur
At- Gopalpur, P.O:Prathamkhandi
Dist-Jajpur- 755008

A poor orphan boy proving his merit both in Matriculation and +2 career, has been provided with DIGJYOTI’s educational assistance during the year for prosecuting his degree programme in Science in a leading university of the state.

Sri Rupen Kumar Sen
S/o- Prem Bai Sen
At/Po: Parkod, Via- Kharfar Road
Dist- Nuapada- 766104

A very poor & meritorious orphan boy. he is given DIGJYOTI’s educational assistance to prosecute his +2 Science course from this year.

Sri Sujit Mallik
S /0- Sri Akshaya Mallik
At- Puruna Rekula, P.O- Kamakhyanagar
Dist- Dhenkanal- 759018

Son of a Trolley Rickshaw puller, Sujit is meritorious but a victim of locomotor disability by 90%. He is assisted by DIGJYOTI for studying in 1st year +2 Arts course.

Ms Rajashri Parida
D /0- Sahadev Parida
At- Sadangoi, Via- Delanga
Dist- Puri

Hailing from a poor farmer’s family in a rural village, Rajashri is the august winner of the Nemi Chand Jain Scholarship instituted by Dr. H.K. Jain, in its inaugural year- 2013. Outstandingly meritorious, she is a 1st year +3 Degree Science student in a premier Science college in the capital city. Very ambitious, Rajashri sets her goal to be an avid researcher. She has been offered Rs.24,OOO/ – this
year and will continue to receive the same amount every year for three years to complete her Degree successfully.

Scholarship 2013


DIGJYOTI (a Charitable Educational Trust) has been providing financial and academic support for higher education after Matriculation to meritorious orphan, poor, handicapped and socially challenged children on merit-cum-poverty basis since 2006. This year DIGJYOTI SCHOLARSHIP worth Rs.10,000/- each will be awarded to deserving candidates pursuing courses in Arts & Commerce while Rs.11,000/- will be awarded to those pursuing Science & Technical courses.
The Trust will also offer a sponsored scholarship namely, “NEMICHAND JAIN SCHOLARSHIP” to a needy & outstandingly meritorious candidate seeking admission to 1st year degree course in Commerce, Science or any other professional / technical courses after +2. This scholarship of Rs.24,000/- per annum will continue till the awardee completes his / her degree course successfully without break.
Deserving candidates may apply to the Trust (DIGJYOTI, C-24/HIG, Housing Board Colony, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar- 751003) latest by 13th July 2013 for any one of the above two scholarships for which they feel eligible, in the concerned application forms i.e., either “APPLICATION FOR DIGJYOTI SCHOLARSHIP” or “APPLICATION FOR NEMICHAND JAIN SCHOLARSHIP” which may be downloaded from DIGJYOTI’s website- .
Prof. Khageswar Pradhan, Founder & Chairman of the Trust appeals to Orphanages, Balashrams, Care centers and social activists for recommending cases of meritorious and the needy children coming under the above categories for considering award of the scholarships.

You can download the form for the relevant Scholarship from the below link:


Scholarship Digjyoti


DIGJYOTI- a Charitable Educational Trust has been helping meritorious orphan and poor children in Odisha on merit-cum-poverty basis for higher studies in Arts, Science & Vocational Courses after Matriculation since 2006. Physically and socially challenged children coming under the aforesaid categories are given special attention for their higher education to help settle them in life.

This year the Trust will award annual scholarships of Rs.10,000/- to candidates pursuing courses in Arts & Commerce while scholarships of Rs.11,000/- each will be awarded to candidates pursuing Science & Technical education. Deserving candidates may apply within 15th June, 2013 to the Trust (DIGJYOTI, C-24, HIG-Housing Board Colony, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar- 751 003) for assistance in the prescribed form of “APPLICATION FOR DIGJYOTI SCHOLARSHIP” which may be downloaded from the Trust’s Website- or collected from nearby orphanages/Krishi Vigyan Kendras/Centres of Bharat Gyana Vigyan Samiti.

Prof. Khageswar Pradhan, Founder & Chairman of the Trust appeals to Orphanages, , Balashrams, Care Centres, Social Activists and Principals of Colleges in Odisha for recommending cases of meritorious and needy children coming under the aforesaid categories for DIGJYOTI Scholarships.

Scholarship Nemichand


DIGJYOTI- a Charitable Educational Trust offers one sponsored scholarship namely, “NEMICHAND JAIN SCHOLARSHIP” to a needy & outstandingly meritorious candidate seeking admission in 1st Year +3 course in Commerce, Science or any other professional/technical Degree Courses after +2. This scholarship of Rs.24,000/-(Rupees Twenty-four thousand) per annum will continue till the awardee completes his/her Degree Course successfully without break.
Deserving candidates may apply to the Trust (DIGJYOTI, C-24, HIG Housing Board Colony, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar-751003) latest by 30th June, 2013, the Scholarship in the prescribed form of “NEMICHAND JAIN SCHOLARSHIP” which may be downloaded from the Trust’s Website- or collected from nearby Centres of Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti. The application may be sent through the Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti who will scrutinize and recommend to the Trust for consideration.

Annual Interaction of DIGJYOTI Family 2012

DIGJYOTI scholarship awardees alongwith representatives of sponsoring Orphanages, Sevashrams and social activists from different parts of Odisha gathered early in the morning of December 23,2012 at the OUAT Guest House in Bhubaneswar- the venue of the interaction. Soon after the morning chores & registration, the participants were taken on a study tour to the Planetarium and Science Park where they spent the whole forenoon fathoming the vast universe and the intricacies of scientific inventions. Next two hours were spent by their much awaited mutual exchange of pleasantries, sharing tales of happiness and vicissitudes in life and unfolding of dreams of their visions and goals.

The plenary session of the interaction began at 2.30 P.M as scheduled which was presided over by Prof. D.P. Ray, the outgoing Vice Chancellor of the Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, OUAT, Bhubaneswar. Following a brief introduction by Mr. B.C Das, Trustee Member, the Chairman of Digjyoti, Prof. Khageswar Pradhan dwelt upon the mission of the Trust – his dream child; his experience over the years with the orphanages and organizations in realizing the objectives; the ecstasy of his joy in watching the Trust assisted children established in life; and the future projections by way of adding newer scholarships apart from the ongoing assistance program touching 2.5 Lakhs per annum. Of the children who received DIGJYOTI’s educational assistance since 2006, Hiramati, Mohan, Maya, Harish, Chaitanya and Bipin after completing their studies  have got jobs and getting settled in life. He expressed his fond hope that the children will develop a strong fraternity for espousing the cause of DIGJYOTI family which they belong.

Responding to the call of the founder, the participating awardees spoke in all earnestness the progress they are making in achieving their goals while expressing their deep sense of emotional attachment to the organization. The scene was touching indeed.

The representatives of Orphanages, Sevashramas, Seva Sanghas and social activists from across the state also expressed their views on various ways of attending the need of orphanages and orphans. Mr Khagendra Nayak narrated the harrowing experience in managing their Balashrams and Kanyashrams with the very scanty grant from Government. He acknowledged the educational assistance from DIGJYOTI which helped two of their orphan inmates – Bipin and Hiramati completing their education and getting recruited in Government jobs. He pleaded for continued assistance to their socially challenged tribal inmates especially of Saura community who are way behind economically and socially. Similarly Sri Nanda Kishore Samal of Grama Mangala Pathagar and Sri Budhadeva Swain of Jagatbandhu Biswabharati Siksha Niketan from Bolangir district who are associated with DIGJYOTI right from its inception in 2006, pleaded for award of more scholarships for their orphan and poor inmates who come from  economically backward area of western Odisha. Mr. Om Prakash  Agarwal from Nehru Seva Sangh which was established by Santh Harihar Ramji in the year 1946, hailed the vision and mission of DIGJYOTI which has been assisting orphans, tribals and handicapped inmates of their Sangha since last two years. He also offered his service for obtaining permission to accept foreign contribution, if required. Ms Deepanjali Mishra of Sabalakana High School who has been associated with the organization for the last 3 years to help finding poor meritorious children from rural areas for educational assistance, also promised her unstinted cooperation for espousing its mission.

Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan, Trustee highlighted the objectives of the Trust at length and said DIGJYOTI is not a philanthropic organization with religious sentiments but a forum to provide succor to those socially, physically and economically challenged meritorious children in our society for establishing them in life and securing a meaningful and honourable place in society. She hoped that the DIGJYOTIANS will be a force to be reckoned with.

Also, Dr. S. Nanda, Dean of Extension Education; Prof. P.C. Lenka, a member of the Trust; Prof. Santosh Ku. Rout, a founding associate and Dr. Manoranjan Roy a member of the selection committee of the Trust spoke and   gave valuable advice to the children for taking advantage of the assistance programme of the Trust to stand themselves good stead in life.

Before winding up the proceedings, Prof. D.P. Ray called upon the children to rise to the expectation of the Trust and continue pursuing their studies with determination of competing with others  so that they get settled in life. Finally, the day long interaction ended in a happy note with the Founder Chairman of DIGJYOTI, Prof. Pradhan extending his appreciation and thanks to Dr.D.P.Ray and other University officers, representatives of various orphanages, Seva Sanghas, Social Organizations and social activists for their active cooperation and wishing a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013 to everyone.

Participants of Annual Interactive Meeting – 2012

Participating beneficiary students

Sri Harish Chandra Dash
Sri Prasanta Maharana
Sri Lal Mohan Alada
Sri Chagala Das
Ms Laxmipriya Sahoo
Ms Sushri Sangita Biswal
Ms Pushpalata Jena
Ms Nirupama Nayak
Ms Silpa Moharana
Ms Sibani Biswal
Ms Sumitra Pradhan
Ms Sangita Ghadei
Sri Mohan Chhati
Sri Sadana Masti
Sri Chaitanya Pradhan
Sri Manoranjan Samanta

Representatives of Orphanages/ Sevashrams/ Social Organizations

Sr Alekh Chandra Sahoo, KGNM Trust
Ms Khulana Das, KGNM Trust
Sri Khagendra Nayak, Banabasi Seva Samiti
Sri Om Prakash Agarwal, Nehru Seva Sanga
Sri Nanda Kishore Samal, Grama Mangal Pathagar
Sri Budhadev Swain, Jagatbandhu Biswa Bharati Siksha Niketan
Sri Blovn Kumar Mohanty, General Secretary, Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti, Bhubaneswar
Sri Ajay Kumar Palei, BGVS, Jagatsinghpur

Social Activists

Mrs. Deepanjali Mishra, Asst. Headmistress, Sabalakana High School, Dist-Cuttack
Sri Aditya Kumar Nayak, Advocate, Bhadrak
Sri Himansu Kumar Mohapatra
Sri Malaya Ranjan Nayak, Cuttack

Trust Members & Associates

Prof. Khageswar Pradhan, Chairman, DIGJYOTI
Mrs Sucheta Pradhan, Trustee Member
Mr. B.C Das, Trustee Member
Dr. P.C. Lenka, Trust Member
Dr. M. Roy, Trustee Associate
Dr. S.K. Rout, Trustee Associate
Sri. B. Bastia, Trustee Associate

Invited Guest

Prof. D.P. Ray, Ex. V.C, OUAT, Chief Guest
Prof. S. Nanda, Dean, Extn. Edn. OUAT, Honoured Guest

Digjyoti Scholars-2012


Ms Sangeeta Ghadei
At- Children’s Home
Nehru Seva Sangh
P.O: Banpur, Dist: Khordha, Pin Code- 752031

Sangeeta is an orphan, handicapped & poor Scheduled Tribe girl sheltered by Nehru Seva Sangh. She was given Digjyoti’s assistance for her +2 Arts course. She is currently pursuing 1st year in +2 Arts at Laxmidhar Bhoi Rural Women’s College, Banapur, Odisha.

Ms Lili Pradhan
C/o- Secretary, Nehru Seva Sangh
P.O: Banpur, Pin- 752031, Dist: Khordha

Lili is a meritorious poor scheduled tribe girl & inmate of Nehru Seva Sang. She was given Digjyoti’s assistance for her +2 Arts course. She is currently pursuing 1st year in +2 Arts at Laxmidhar Bhoi Rurual Women’s College, Banapur, Odisha.

Ms Nirupama Nayak
At- Balashram
KGNM Trust, Satyabhamapur
Dist: Cuttack, Pin- 754 200

Nirupama is a meritorious poor & orphan girl and sheltered by Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial trust in their Balashram. She was given Digjyoti’s assistance for her +2 Arts course. She is currently pursuing 1st year in +2 Arts at Bahugram College, Odisha.

Ms Silpa Maharana
At- Balashram
KGNM Trust, Satyabhamapur
Dist: Cuttack, Pin- 754 200

Silpa is a poor meritorious girl sheltered in Balashram KGNM Trust. She was given Digjyoti’s assistance for her +2 Commerce course. She is currently pursuing 1st year in +2 Commerce at Salipur Junior College, Odisha.

Sri Prasanta Moharana
P.O: Bhakar Sahi
Via- Balipatna
Dist: – Khordha

Son of a wage-earner, Prasanta is a meritorious boy belonging to OBC.
He was given Digjyoti’s assistance for her +2 Commerce course. He is currently pursuing 2nd year in +2 Commerce.

Ms Sushree Sangita Biswal
P.O: Anantapur, Bhairpur
Dist: Cuttack, Pin – 754 002

Sushree is a meritorious OBC girl- orphaned by death of her father in a tragic road accident. She was given Digjyoti’s assistance for her +3 Science course. She is currently pursuing 1st year in +3 Science at Salipur Degree College, Odisha.

Sri Manoranjan Samanta
P.O: Chhabishpada Sasan
Via- Tihidi, Dist- Bhadrak
Pin 756130

A meritorious blind boy in extreme distress due to his father deserting the family. He was given Digjyoti’s assistance for his +3 Arts course. He is currently pursuing 1st year in +3 Arts at Fakir Mohan (Auto) College, Odisha.

Sri Laxman Murmu
At- Kalsibhanga, Po: Bhimkhanda
Via- Gorumahisani, Dist- Mayurbhanj
Pin- 757 042
Contact No- 9178215463

A meritorious scheduled tribe boy orphaned by death of both parents and initially sheltered by the orphanage, Sishu Seva Sadan. He was given Digjyoti’s assistance for his Diploma Course. He is currently pursuing 2nd year Diploma Course at MSITC, Manada, Odisha.

Ms J. Laxmi Pradhan
Harekrushna Nagar
Niladri Vihar
Bhubaneswar – 751021

Laxmi is an orthopaedically handicapped girl living in a Bhubaneswar slum. The mode of her movement either for daily chores or attending college is her father or mother’s lap. Though of below average merit, her courage and determination for becoming a graduate and taking up teaching as a profession were the reasons for special consideration.
She was given Digjyoti’s assistance for +2 Arts course. She is currently pursuing 2nd year +2 Arts at Maharsi Women’s College, Odisha.

Scholarship Details old

Test DIGJYOTI- a Charitable Educational Trust for Orphan & Poor – founded by Prof. Khageswar Pradhan, former Vice Chancellor of OUAT (Odisha) & RAU (Rajasthan) and currently Chancellor, Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar has been providing financial support to orphan, poor, socially & physically challenged children in Orissa (India) on merit–cum-poverty basis since 2006 for higher studies after Matriculation.
From this year, the Trust will also offer one more scholarship of higher amount named – “NEMICHAND JAIN Scholarship” to an outstandingly meritorious student from the above category seeking admission in first year +3 course of Science, Commerce or any professional / technical Degree course and meet his/her study expenditure till completion of the Degree programmer.
Deserving candidates may apply to the Trust (DIGJYOTI, C-24,HIG-HousingBoard Colony, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar – 751 003) for assistance under any of these two programmes in the respective prescribed application forms which will be available at the above address on request or be downloaded from the Trust’s website
Prof. Pradhan also appeals to Orphanages, Balashrams, Care Centres and Social Activists recognized by government of Orissa for recommending cases of meritorious and needy children coming under the aforesaid categories to DIGJYOTI.
Forms can be downloaded from below:

Sixth Interactive Meeting

Early in the morning of 29th January, 2012 while most of the denizens of the city vying not to lose a moment’s warmth of their cozy bed in the winter Sunday, the OUAT Guest House was agog in welcoming a stream of visitors who evidently battered by overnight Train/Bus journeys, were gently putting their numb and weary feet in.

But all faces were lit up at the prospect of an imminent union of their family – the family of DIGJYOTI. And these DIGJYOTIANS were our dear Sudhansu Sekhar Nath of Kurujanga, Laxmipriya Sahoo of Sabalakana, Chagala Das of Gopalpur – all prized products of Sabalakana High school who were accompanied by their teacher & mentor- Mrs.Deepanjali Mishra and two guardians- Mrs. Nirmala Sahoo and Krupasindhu Guru; Puspalata Jena of KGNM Trust, Satyabhamapur with her caring Trust Superintendent, Mrs. Shyamali Pati; Chaitanya Pradhan from Angul District; Shyam Sundar Pati from Balasore District; Ganesh Prasad Dash father of Rashmi Dash from Bhadrak District, Sumitra Pradhan from Ganjam District accompanied by her mentor, Mrs. Chandana Mishra of Nehru Seva Sangh, Banpur; Ms Sibani Biswal from Khurda District, Durga Prasad Swain of Jagatsinghpur District, Prasanta Kumar Mishra with his guardian, Kshirodra Budek from Balangir District; Sudhansu Padhan & his guide Nilakantha Kar from Sonepur District and Bipin Kumar Patra from Phulbani District.

The whole forenoon was spent by the participating students in educational tours to the city’s famous Science Park and Regional Natural History Museum. Mr. Jayant Pati, Extension Education Scientist, who accompanied the Group all along, showed them the exhibits of the Centres and organized a video show with the assistance of Pathani Samanta Planetorium which was very educative for the children.

The afternoon session of the interaction was marked by emotional union of the awardee children, exchanging ideas and experiences symptomatic of a strong family bondage. The session was attended among others br the Vice-Chancellor of Orissa University of Agriculture & Tecchnology Prof D.P.Ray ,the Chairman of DIGJYOTI, Prof. Khageswar Pradhan; Trustees- Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan & Mr. B.C. Das; noted socialites associated with the Trust- Prof. B.C. Nayak, Prof. M. Roy, Prof. S.K. Rout and the Trust’s Executive Associate, Mr. B. Bastia .

Initiating the proceedings of the meeting, the Chairman formally requested Dr.D.P.Ray to preside over the meeting and Sri B.C.Das to present the progress report of the Trust.

Self-introduction and exhaustive introspection by the awardee children revealed the rewarding efforts put in by DIGJYOTI round the year. The participants were spell bound at the touching revealations of the children for hours especially that of an orphan child from Kandhamal who was being supported by the Trust for last five years. Now he is a teacher & well settled in life.

Joining the emotion, Mrs. Sucheta Pradhan wished the children happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. She reflected how nice it was to receive season’s greetings from some children and wished that others should follow suite to similar niceties which strengthen the bonds of love of the Digjyoti family. She also advised the children to concentrate on their studies and do well in their chosen field- be it Science, Arts,Commerce or some professional education. There is vast scope for career development in each and every field and it is to us to chose the one which we like most.

Prof. B.C. Nayak, Prof. M. Roy and Prof. S.K. Rout who are associated with DIGJYOTI right from its formation for screening the deserving candidates and helping them through their expert advice & guidance, spoke to the children at length and advised them to concentrate on their goals in life. They should feel proud that their achievements and dedication have been singularly recognized by DIGJYOTI from among the scores of applicants and that they should redeem this faith imposed on them to make them accomplished citizens in our society.

Mrs. Deepanjali Mishra of Sabalakana High School- a pioneering figure in pleading the cause of education for meritorious poor and socially disadvantaged children, in her emotion- filled discourse, appreciated the achievements of the Trust even at its infancy and hoped that over the years it shall grow from strength to strength and redeem the vision and mission of the Founders in greater measure.

The chairman, DIGJYOTI, Prof. Khageswar Pradhan wished that the New Year bring to the children good health and all goodness in their life. To him this interaction is very important and unique in the sense that it gives an opportunity to know each other more intimately, dispelling doubts and inhibitions which help building their self-confidence. The Chairman observed encouraging phenomena in the midst of a very free and frank expressions of the Awardee children and expressed satisfaction that they are so eager and enthusiastic to achieve their goals in life. This is indeed a very welcome improvement in their mind set which the Trust has been striving to arouse in them. Interalia, the Chairman indicated that the Trust will create an Alumni Association when the numberof Awardees reach 50 and he hoped that these DIGJYOTIANS will carry forward the mission as our brand ambassadors.

Prof. D.P. Ray in his Presidential address recollected his long association with the Trust serving a noble cause in our state. He further indicated that as its activities spread over the state,  our scientist  Krishi Vigyan Kendras are extending all help and will continue to so. He also reiterated his offer that the Kendras will continue to render timely advice and assistance sought by the children.

Before winding up the business, Dr. Ray advised the awardees to concentrate on their education and try to excel in the field they have chosen which will help them settle in life honourably and be role models as DIGJYOTIANS.