2008-Sambhu Prasad Biswal

Sambhu Prasad Biswal comes from a very poor family in Balangir District of Orissa(India). He lost his father at the age of five and was adopted by an Orphanage run by Gram Mangal Pathagar. The boy showed promise of his scholarship in the last High School examination. Digjyoti has come forward to help this meritorious poor boy from 2008 in prosecuting higher studies. Sambhu Prasad is now a student of 1st year +2 course (Arts) in Mahimunda College in Balangir District .

2008-Radhakanta Padhan

Radhakanta Padhan, an orthopaedically handicapped boy comes from very poor family from Boudh District in Orissa (India). Jagat Bandhu Biswa Bharati Sikshya Niketan, an Orphanage adopted this boy and saw him through the High School standard. Digjyoti has been extending its support from 2008 for his higher education. The boy is prosecuting his studies in 1st year +2 class (Arts) at Jarasingha College in Balangir District.

2008-Sudhansu Padhan

Sudhansu Padhan

Sudhansu Padhan, a poor meritorious boy from Sodhijore in Subarnapur District of Orissa (India) is orphaned by death of his father and is an inmate of Children’s Home, an Orphanage located at Sonepur. He is prosecuting his studies in +2 second year Arts at Sonepur College. Digjyoti extends financial support to this boy from 2008 for his college education.

2008-Banani Hansdah

Banani Hansdah, a poor and distressed scheduled tribe girl, orphaned by death of both her parents, was brought up under the care of the Rehabilitation Centre, Basundhara. Banani (Orphanage) is studying in a Govt. Industrial Training Institute m Electronics stream. Digjyoti finds this girl very ambitious and is providing financial support from 2008 for her education so that she achieves her goal of a bright career in life.