2006-Mohan Chatti

Mohan Chatti, from the remote tribal village of Panasput in Koraput District of Orissa (India) was given shelter by an Orphanage run by Sarbodaya Samiti in the district. Digjyoti assisted him for his Higher Secondary Education in Science from 2006 and arranged for his expert professional guidance at the State headquarters. Mohan is now undergoing a course in Govt. sponsored Industrial Training Institute with the financial support from Digjyoti.

2006-Harish Chandra Das

Harish Chandra Das, orphan by death of his mother and lived on the begging of his mentally retarded father, is orthopaedically handicapped himself. This poor and destitute boy from Sandangar village of Bolangir District in Orissa (India) was given shelter by an Orphanage, Gram Mangal Pathagar which saw him through his Higher Secondary Education. Digjyoti came to his aid in 2006 to defray the expenses for his further study. Harish has successfully undergone the Teachers Training Course and hoping to get a suitable job in near future.

2006-Karan Munda

Karan Munda, the destitute tribal boy from Mayurbhanj District of Orissa (India) who lost both parents and spent his early days under the care of the Orphanage, Sisu Seva Sadan, is a beneficiary of Digjyoti’s educational assistance programme since 2006. He has successfully completed his Higher Secondary Education in Science and got himself admitted into a professional Computer Course at present, while looking for a berth in a local Teachers Training College. He looks confident of finding a job to settle in life.

2006-Hiramati Mallick

Hiramati Mallick, a Scheduled Tribe girl from a remote tribal village of Kandhamal District of Orissa (India) who was an inmate of Adivasi Kanyashram, an Orphanage managed by Banabasi Seva Samiti was adopted by Digjyoti in 2006 with financial assistance and specialized professional guidance from time to time. She has since completed her Higher Secondary Courses in Science and prosecuting her 3 Year Degree Course in Science at the Government Science College, Phulbani. Hiramati cherishes a dream to attain academic excellence and grooming herself to be a teacher.

2006-Bipin Kumar Patra

Bipin Kumar Patra, a distressed orphan boy from Paburia village of Kandhamal district in Orissa (India) who was an inmate of Children’s Home under the management of Banabasi Seva Samiti. He was chosen by Digjyoti in 2006 for financial assistance to prosecute his studies in Advasi College, Baliguda, He has successfully completed Higher Secondary Course and joined the Teachers Training Course.