Digjyoti Scholars-2013

Sri Prasanta Sahoo .
S/o- Sri Harihar Sahoo
At- Habalganda, P.O: Dashipur
Via- Rajkanika, Dist- Kendrapara-754219

A highly meritorious poor boy securing more than 94% marks, recipient of NRTC and NMMS scholarships in his High School career, is awarded DIGJYOTI scholarship for studying in 1st year +2 Science course. Very innovatiye, Prasanta aspires to be an I.A.S Officer.

Sri Abhisek Mohanty
S/o- Late Badri Narayan Mohanty
At- Sundarda, P.O- Pahanga, Via- Niali
Dist- Cuttack, Pin- 754 004

A highly meritorious poor orphan boy securing 93.5% marks in Matriculation has been awarded DIGJYOTI scholarship to study in 1st year +2 Science course in a premier college of the state.

Sri Alekh Chandra Sur
S/o- Rebatee Sur
At- Gopalpur, P.O:Prathamkhandi
Dist-Jajpur- 755008

A poor orphan boy proving his merit both in Matriculation and +2 career, has been provided with DIGJYOTI’s educational assistance during the year for prosecuting his degree programme in Science in a leading university of the state.

Sri Rupen Kumar Sen
S/o- Prem Bai Sen
At/Po: Parkod, Via- Kharfar Road
Dist- Nuapada- 766104

A very poor & meritorious orphan boy. he is given DIGJYOTI’s educational assistance to prosecute his +2 Science course from this year.

Sri Sujit Mallik
S /0- Sri Akshaya Mallik
At- Puruna Rekula, P.O- Kamakhyanagar
Dist- Dhenkanal- 759018

Son of a Trolley Rickshaw puller, Sujit is meritorious but a victim of locomotor disability by 90%. He is assisted by DIGJYOTI for studying in 1st year +2 Arts course.

Ms Rajashri Parida
D /0- Sahadev Parida
At- Sadangoi, Via- Delanga
Dist- Puri

Hailing from a poor farmer’s family in a rural village, Rajashri is the august winner of the Nemi Chand Jain Scholarship instituted by Dr. H.K. Jain, in its inaugural year- 2013. Outstandingly meritorious, she is a 1st year +3 Degree Science student in a premier Science college in the capital city. Very ambitious, Rajashri sets her goal to be an avid researcher. She has been offered Rs.24,OOO/ – this
year and will continue to receive the same amount every year for three years to complete her Degree successfully.

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